Thursday, March 26, 2009

Paisley has an adventure!

WHSEW! It's been a long time since I've "blogged"! Sorry! We're still playing catch up on everything!

Only one big piece of news has happened recently, and that's Miss Paisley has taken a trip! She has gone to live with her brother Murphy and our friend Brian Dofford-Johnson in New Mexico! We look forward to seeing how she will do in the rings! We'll miss her lots!

Virginia is absolutely beautiful! We took some photos of Maddie at a park here that's literally right across the road!


Monday, March 9, 2009

We're heeeeere! (Catching up)

Well... here I am finally catching up from the move! What a serious pain! Anyway...

Here's Thursday's account:

Everything was going so smoothly... Too smoothly, of course! About 30 minutes out of Charlotte, someone pulled up next to us on the highway and started yelling about the trailer. We thought the car was about to fall off.. no, The car was okay, but a tire had exploded! Well... we got it fixed, but sure did have an adventure!

Enjoy our last day's photos:

Let's go to Virginia!!

Peace OUT South Carolina!!

More of South Carolina's SNOW! It had been so long since we had seen this much snow!

A Giant Peach!

Finally! Only 1 more state to go!

We stopped to build a snowman in North Carolina!

Ah, how pretty!!

Waaaaaaay in the background is Charlotte (uh, I think.... my photos got messed up)!

And so begins the drama! This is what we discovered our exploded tire looked like. It took a total of 3 hours to call Penske, get a guy out there (who was named- no kidding- Little Joe) and finally fix the tire.

Mary... so sad.... now what do we do?!

Kyle calling Penske!

Gidget says, Let's get this show on the road!

Finally.... Home to Virginia... it still took almost 3 hours to get to Hampton, but we got there!!!

Day 2...

WSHEW!! Tuesday night and Wednesday provided us with a whole new load of adventures! We drove forever on Wednesday... I learned something very valuable: Traffic in Atlanta SUCKS something awful.... especially at 5 o'clock. I thought we were going to die. I have never seen a 6 lane highway on both sides! AHHHH! Oh well, enjoy Wednesday's photos. I unfortunately did not catch the South Carolina marker (we stopped in Greenville on Wednesday night!) as it was super dark when

Maddie on Tuesday night. She fell asleep like this. Of course she and Miss Gidget had the priviledge of sleeping on the massive bed.

Wednesday morning, not knowing what we were in for!

ROLL TIDE! Go Bama!!

Mary and Gidget at the Alabama border. Little did we know there was a hitchhiker about to hit us up for a ride! Ahhhhhh!

Coming into Birmingham!

Kyle at the Talladega motor speedway!

Mary at Talladega.... we were quoting the movie for quite some time after this stop. haha!

Pulling back onto the highway from Talladega, we saw Kasey Kahne's truck pulling in!

Finally to Georgia!

At the welcome center in Georgia, here was Dale Sr and Dale Jr trucks!

Dale Sr!

Rolling into Atlanta.... oh my Lordy... this was traumatizing for me!

Stopped in South Carolina for the night, here was Miss Paisley's first ever snow experience! I should have taken a movie, because she was freaked out to step in it! haha!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On the Road Again!!

What a hugely, fun, amazing adventure this is! We drove up I-35 to Dallas, and over onto I-20 into Vicksburg, MS. We're stopped here for the night (yay!). Drove about 580 miles, I think. What a trip. Enjoy some of the photos from today! Te weather was great, and we saw some interesting things!

Kyle loading the massive 26' Truck on Monday!

Gidget loved to run up and down the ramp and watch the pointers run around the back yard. Haha... she even found herself a little "perch", that little monkey!

5 AM... exhausted, as though you can't tell... finally finished the packing and tok one last photo together in our Texas home!

Hahaha.... still being a clown, Kyle went in to get Ice and Red Bulls, and Gidget got all worried and ran in to his seat. I guess she wanted to "drive" also!

Okay, the window is gross, I know, but I was snapping this in a hurry!! It was in Lindale, TX. The sign says something about Lindale, and the home of Miranda Lambert! YAY!

Just after Lindale, we stopped around Tyler TX again. See those HUGE pine cones on the ground? Holy cow there were seriously some the size of MAverick's head!!!

Bienvenue en Louisiane!! I was so glad to see another state! We had been in Texas for 6 or 7 hours, I think! UGH! The second we hit the state line, we noticed three things: 1) The grass was actually green! 2) There was a bilboard for a casino every half mile 3) There were a lot of forest fires! YIKES!

Quick snap of Shreveport, LA!

Close to Monroe, LA now on I-20. We had taken some of those 5 hour shots because we had been driving FOREVER. Haha, they work. Just about everything was hilarious, and this was when Kyle decided to name our truck "Kitty" ... mrow! hahahah... don't ask, seriously...

And me... after a fantastic 5 hour shot. Again, you don't even want to know. haha!

In the mean time, Gidget could have used a 5 hour shot! She finally wore herself out. She LOVES going on trips, but the excitement finally got to her!

Bridge over the MISSISSIPPI RIVER! Neato!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Here we go!!

Well... we hit the road tomorrow at 5 AM!! I am SOO excited (well, except for the fact that it's snowing all up and down the east coast!!). I am going to *try* to post every night at the hotel with pictures and stuff! We'll see how that goes!

In any case! Thanks to Brian for new pictures of Mr. Murphy! He is so stunning an cannot wait to see him!!

Handsome man!!

Look at his head!! Pretty boy!