Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maverick's show pictures

We had a great weekend showing at the Memorial Cluster in Hampton, Va. Maverick went WD 2 days!

There was a fabulous photographer there (Phyllis Ensley Photography- "The Perfect Movement") and Sunday and Monday they took pictures of the pointers. Sunday's photos were not good of Maverick (he chose to be naughty that day!), but Monday's turned out well!

We're off to Richmond, VA next... we're praying for majors!!


Pretty headshot! What a handsome boy!

Cutie pie Mav!

Possibly my favorite picture of Maverick ever! He looks so cute here!

On the go around...


Hugging my mom afterwards. He's such a teddy bear!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New-ish Dahlia Pics!

Here's some pictures of Dahlia taken at 4.5 months (taken a week or so ago!). She's growing up nicely!

Memorial Day Weekend shows!

Maverick is having fun this four day weekend at the Memorial Day Cluster in Hampton VA!

May 17th!

A Happy Belated Birthday to the Maddie x Maverick litter! I CANNOT believe they are 1!!
Also, wanted to Brag! A million Thank yous to Brian Dofford-Johnson! Paisley went Winners Bitch and Best of Winners, and Best Opp (to her Half brother Josh, who recently took a BIS!!!) both days in New Mexico for two 3 point majors! YAY! Go Paisley! You're on your way!

Envy & Takara's Whirlaway "Paisley"

Envy & Takara's Count Fleet "Murphy"

Catching up! Lots has gone on!!!

A couple of weeks ago, we headed down to the ocean for a beach playtime with Maverick and Dahlia! We got there at sunrise, and it was absolutely beautiful!

Pawprints! Cute!

Floppy eared puppy!

Swimming in the ocean!

Mav's pretty head!

Kyle with the kids!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


We took Miss Dahlia to the Greater Fredericksburg Kennel Club today for their Puppy Match! It was cold and pouring down rain! Luckily we had the sense to take our canopy/tent thing, so we stayed out of the cold rain mostly. I did manage to forget my flipping sweatshirt, but luckily by the time we showed the rain had mostly let up!

In any case, per the AKC, they used the proposed group realignment for this show. So, Miss Dahlia was the only Pointer, so she won her breed, and went on to win the "Sporting-Pointers and Setters" group! She was a complete goofball, but a happy girl nonetheless, and I loved to see her thing everything was absolutely super fun!

So, on to Best Puppy in Match! She was still playing goofy girl, but she WON Best Puppy in Match! Yay!

Watch me!!

Trying to gait!

Sitting in the ex-pen, trying to stay dry!

Best Puppy!

What a good little puppy...

Miss Dahlia (who has picked up the nickname "Day-Day")is impressing us every day. She is absolutely obsessed with "her" tennis ball! She could fetch for hours. I could swear she's part Lab...

She also LOVES water! We took her to Sandy Bottom Park and she literally dove into the water. This goofy girl seriously keeps us laughing!!


Here's some of the "good photos from last Sunday at Langley Air Force Base... the Thunderbirds were incredible!!