Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some more leads.... more to come! and Hamilton!

Working on getting the entire inventory of leads online! There's lots more to come so keep checking! Thanks!


Oh, we're also happy and sad to report that the final boy from our Maddie X Maverick litter is going to his new home tomorrow! It's so bittersweet for us because we have had such a hard time placing him (as he is strictly a pet), and not many people seem to know about the pointer breed! "Hamilton" (Envy & Takara's Affirmed) will be going to a wonderful home here in Texas! Paisley will be so sad because she is VERY attached to him!

Hamilton was our last puppy born in the litter and was stuck in the birth canal for hours. I figured he would have died, and the vet didn't want to section her till the AM. Maddie was exhausted, because the puppies were HUGE!! (between 20 and 25 ounces!!) So I had counted four. I had bet my stepfather $10 there would be 4 in the litter and he said 5. I went to bed about 2 AM (finally! after nearly 10 hours of whelping!) and the next morning, I walked into the puppy room and surprise! There he was, nursing away! I couldn't believe he was alive! So all of a sudden, my stepfather won the $10 bet.... and since Alexander Hamilton is on that bill, he acquired that name.... just a cute story I think.

Anyway, we're sad to see our "miracle"puppy go, but so excited that he has such a great home with 10 acres and 2 other dogs to play with!


He always did look a little like Eeyore! Poor puppy!!

"Hamma Bamma" (just one of his many nicknames!)... He is SUCH a lover! He is so much like PArker in his personality it's scary! He cuddles all the time!

Can I have some more treats momma?

Happy "Ham-Bone"!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Envy & Takara's Whirlaway

Sometimes I think it was a mistake to name Miss Paisley after Whirlaway. That horse was known to be a fruit loop.... and well, guess what? So is Pais.... haha... crazy pointers!

Oh well... in any case, here's some new pictures of her!



Headshot #1

Headshot #2

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Etincelle Show Leads

Okay, after many requests, I have posted a store on ETSY for my hand-braided show leads. Please check it out! And check back to it frequently, as I am constantly changing them and making new inventory!

Etincelle Show Leads

Time to Catch up!

Whew! We've been busy for a while! Let's see... more bird training, getting ready to move (not fun), climbing up an inactive volcano (for real!), Going to the Brad Paisley concert, and today is Kyle's birthday!! Oh yes, and we finally put a store up online for our show leads. (Makes life simpler for the orders).

In any case, this volcano... crazy right? Well, what's really crazy is that it's in our back yard! (Literally). We live right next to an inactive volcano here in south Austin called "Pilot Knob". We have taken the dogs on an "adventure" up it, and they LOVE it (But sadly, Maddie still cannot go as she is recovering still from her injury... yes, it was seriously bad!)!

HAPPY HAPPY 25th Birthday to Kyle! Yay!

Paisley! We finally climbed to the op of Pilot Knob. In the far background is Austin, TX.

Mr. Maverick... seriously... you don't want to know what he was pointing (a skunk!)

Kyle took this... Mav's beautiful head.... that's Austin in the background!

For whatever reason, Parker loved the dried up watering hole! (No dead fish luckily!)

Parker! At nearly 10 years old, he still has a great time!

I love this photo! Parker and Paisley looking out over the city of Austin. We were at the top of the volcano!

Miss Paisley! She was exhausted by the time this photo was taken, but she wouldn't give up exploring still!

What a handsome boy!

Kyle and Maverick! Austin is in the background.

Kyle, Mav, Pais, and Mary on Friday morning (Mary was playing "hookie" after the concert... shhhh.... don't tell! haha!)

Okay... forgive me here... That's Brad Paisley with some guy that came out. Everyone was screaming so I couldn't hear who it was, but they sang "Miles and Miles of Texas"... so sorry I don't know who that man is.

Brad Paisley!!

Kyle & Mary on Thursday right before the Brad Paisley Concert (no, our "Paisley" is not named after him... we get asked that a lot...)

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Family Affair...

Saturday was very eventful! It was Gidget's 11th (Oh my God!) birthday, so of course she had to make her outings to the Pet Store to buy her "presents". Then, we took Paisley and Maverick to Margaret and Frank's (they have Brigadier, now "Tucker") for some visiting and field training! Everyone had a blast! It was Paisley's 3rd or 4th time out there, and of course she knoew the drill, but this was Maverick's first trip out! He had a great time with his "kids" and Margaret's dogs! So, we truck on training for the field, and Miss Paisley will have her first conformation show in about a month or so.

Tucker on point... His style has yet to be refined, but he's got a great nose! That's Frank in the background with the belly rope to steady him to wing.

Paisley and Tucker hunting together!

Kyle showing Margaret how to whoa Tucker once he's on point.

All Three Crazies playing afterwards!

All three hunting together!

That boy can MOVE!

Pretty face! Looks just like Maverick when he was a baby...

Stacked up.... or trying to be! He's not used to this... he wondered what the crazy lady was doing to him!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"I'm too Old for This..."

I let Parker out in the field with Paisley yesterday. That boy cracks me up. He ran and peed on everything and then looked at me as if to say, "Okay, mom, I'm too old for this nonsense". He's such a good dog, though.... he played along with my "game" and ran around for a bit.

Paisley (doing better at hunting on her own! Running her with Maverick worked!)

Parker... always so tolerant of the craziness! He's getting a lot of grey in the face! He'll be 10 in July! I can't believe it!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


We made it! Another New Year! Hopefully 2009 will bring us a great time in the field and the show ring! We know that 2009 will bring us a big move back home to Indiana and the start for Mary at Purdue for Pre-Vet courses! We have a lot of hopes (and we ate our black-eyed peas and sauerkraut for luck an money! heehee!).

Poor poor Maddie had an accident on Christmas Eve (not a good time! Only emergency vets working! Ugh! The bill!). She tried to jump the fence to get to some birds and took a piece of skin clean off. So, it's an e-collar (that's Elizabethan, not electronic! haha) and antibiotics for her. Poor girl! She's still in great spirits though!

I *finally* put my leads back on eBay. I'm trying to clear out the loop lead to make space in my craft stuff for the new snap leads! I'm doing 2 groups of coordinating clusters to make it easier (and cheaper!). Check them out here (if these links don't work, the item numbers are 180317752147 and 180317753634) :


Group #2

On the "Paisley" and "Maverick" front, they had some more training today! Here's the pictures!

What a Pretty girl!! (Yes, that's a dirt streak on her nose!)

Nice, steady point!

"You go that way... I'll go this way!"