Sunday, February 22, 2009

Virginia is for Lovers!!

WOW! Life sure can throw people some crazy turns!

Well... We WERE moving to Indiana... but due to some personal reasons (financial.. {meaning the economy in Indiana}, educational, and others, we are headed to Hampton, Virginia! I know, crazy, right? It's beautiful there. and we have some family there. It's not to say we're never going to Indiana, but just not now! So... in about a week, we're on the road to a completely different area! At least it's still "sort of"south... so we'll have some warmth! Haha!

In any case, Miss Paisley has spent a few days at our friend's training kennel (Keith Barr at Spanish Oaks Hunt Club). THANKS KEITH! We went to visit her today, and she's doing Fantastic!

I attempted to take head shots today. It did not happen very well. MAddie thought it was time to hunt, and spent the entire time straing at birds. By luck, Kyle managed to snap one very pretty one (see below). Maverick was a goofball, as usual, and there was no hope for Parker. He laid down and wanted his belly rubbed. we tried, but nothing worth a million buck. So it was just pure entertainment for us, really!

I am still adding more collars and leads (slowly but surely! I have probably 30 more collars and a few leads left!) CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM!

Parker P! Being super cute, as usual!!

Haha! What a goofy boy!

Our one headshot! YAY! Look at the grey already coming in! Oh my gosh!

Maddie's headshot! Pretty girl! Looks just like Miss Paisley!

Kyle is wonderful! Cat-like reflexes, I swear, because she moved a nanosecond after he snapped this!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ils ressemblent à jumeaux ! case you were wondering, "Ils ressemblent à jumeaux ! " means "they look like twins"! Don't Paisley and Murphy look scarily similar?

Thank you Brian for the wonderful pictures of Murphy! He is absolutely STUNNING! What a fantastic boy! Murphy is the beautiful boy from our Maddie x Maverick litter (he was the "Burke" puppy) that we sent to our wonderful friend Brian in New Mexico! This boy is gonna tear up the rings! Murphy is Envy & Takara's Count Fleet (named for the Triple Crown winner of 1943, and who never lost a race as a 3 year old... maybe that's a good sign!)

Paisley is getting ready to go visit Brian and his family in New Mexico for about 6 weeks or so! A million thanks to Brian for this!

Maddie is still continuing her training in the field and doing better than we had ever expected her to!

Envy & Takara's Count Fleet "Murphy" head shot... just shy of 9 months old

Another head shot! Looks like Maverick!!

What a handsome man he is turning out to be!

Murphy stacked!

Envy & Takara's Whirlaway "Paisley" head shot at just shy of 9 months!

Head and chest structure at almost 9 months.

I know... we have no tail right now, but you get the idea. Haha, it was either feet planted and no tail or all tail and feet all over the place.

Pais all stacked again, but still no tail.

Paisley moving... actually we were even lucky to get this shot (Thanks, Kyle!). She was being a complete doofus on the lead tonight!

Ch. Takara N Tahari's Wild Card "Maddie" on point. She ran for nearly an hour and still I had to drag her in!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Here Birdy, Birdy, Birdy!

We went to visit Margaret, Frank and Tucker again today for some training! This time we took Miss Maddie and Paisley!

They are all doing fantastic with their training. Paisley had an "off" day today, but Miss Maddie did great!

Maddie on Point!

Maddie on Point Again!

Maddie hunting and having a blast!

Tucker on Point! He's doing fantastic!

Running after Paisley! He's such a happy boy!

He thought Paisley was crazy for getting in the water! He much preferred to just watch the dogs play in the water!

Naughty Paisley! She was supposed to be practicing her "fetching"... so much for that!

Paisley "bank running"... what a goofy puppy!

Video clip of Maddie hunting. This was the end of her first run.

Maddie's second run! She's doing very well!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

T- 25 Days!

I forgot how much of a pain it is to move across the country. It always seems like such a good idea. Heehee. We're packing and packing.... ugh!

Hamilton is in his wonderful new home, and I have never seen Paisley so depressed! She's coming around, but the poor thing was so sad that her brother left!

Maddie's leg cut has healed beautifully, and she has now started her formal field training towards her JH. She's doing very well! Can't wat to advance her to the next level and really see how she works!

OH!! I finally put up my soft collars that I have been doing. believe me, I have a ton more leads and collars to go, it just takes a while to post them. A little at a time I suppose! CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT! On the right hand side, click on "Soft Collars". Again, if you want to order one and don't want to create the Etsy account to do so, just e-mail me privately ( and I will send you the PayPal invoice.

Not much else new around here! We're getting Paisley ready for her first puppy match and then her first conformation show! We hope that she does well!

Possibly my favorite picture ever... Top 3 for sure! Haha... she was pointing about 50 feet away from the actual bird, so it allowed for a beautiful photo.... I just had to take it, and I'm glad I did!

Parker! This was taken a few days ago on our trip to the Park (near McKinney falls, at the Onion Creek)

I think Paisley is one of the most photogenic pointers in the field!

We are very happy with how she's growing up!! Pretty girl!

She definitely has her daddy's eyes!

Miss Maddie on point! she's now working on her field training for her JH also!

She's got a fantastic nose and a ton of drive! We're excited to see how she'll do with a little more training!