Sunday, April 26, 2009

Here She is... Miss America!!

We are please to announce the arrival of the newest "member" of our clan, "Dahlia" (again... pronounced Day-Lee-Uh). Many many thanks to John and Pam Mohr for entrusting us with this beautiful, bold little liver bitch!

We picked up Dahlia yesterday morning at the Wilmington KC in Bear, DE. I showed Maddie, but didn't do anything. Should have entered Maverick, because there was a major! Oh well.
After leaving at 3 AM and arriving home at 3PM (5 hours each way! If we would have had our wits about us, we just would have driven up on Friday night and camped! The grounds are beautiful!), we had an exhausting day! But it wasn't over yet! We wnet to the Langley Air Force Base Air Show. We caught the end of it, and got to see the Thunderbirds! It was incredible!

We are excited to watch Miss Dahlia grow up, and look forward to what she can do in the ring and the field!


Dahlia's offside

Cutie pie face!

Such a sound mover!

Which one is Which? Haha!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Follow us on Twitter!

Haha... we did it! CLICK HERE to follow us on Twitter!

Maverick's Movie and Derby Countdown!!!

I finished Mr. Maverick's movie the other day, and posted it on YouTube!! Click Maverick's photo below to go see it!

Also! Only 15 days left until the Kentucky Derby! Whoooo-hooo!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dahlia! (aka Maddie version 2.0)

Here's some pictures of Miss Dahlia ( pronounced Day-lee-uh, like the flower!) at 10 weeks. We like to call her Maddie v 2.0!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Stuff!

Hey y'all! At some people's request, I started making other breeds of my Super Sparkle pointer pin! I have a few posted on ETINCELLE and can do any breed... just let me know!

Also, In a few weeks, we would like to welcome a new member to our clan! Her name will be "Dahlia". We want to thank John Mohr tremendously for entrusting us with this lovely little liver bitch! Photos to come soon... Blogspot is being a pain this evening and is having trouble uploading photos.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New leads!

Hello everyone! Since we're finally settling in, I finished a couple of new leads I've been working on! I have a "new style" now! It's pretty! Check it out! (Click the photo below!)

Silly Maverick!

We took Maverick recently to the park... Here's the photo account of his "adventure"!

My Boys!

Maverick enjoying a long run through the woods!

Stiiiiiill Running! Nothing outlasts the Mav-a-gizer bunny!

Maverick was pointing a turtle...

Then he decided to point a crane...

Being the goofy boy that he is, he jumped up here to look out into the wetlands! I think he wanted to "play agility"!

Pretty boy...

No more photos, mom!